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  • Exclusively available for FORMAT-4 profit H350, H300 and H200 CNC machining centres
  • Up to 7.5 m² less installation space required and massively increased working safety
  • Everything at a glance: Large monitor and wide view panels
  • Immediate status overview: Status display informs you about the current machine status
  • Comfortable loading and unloading: 3,300 mm door opening
profit H500 MT
  • Matrix table made from phenolic resin with optimised vacuum distribution
  • 5 axes spindle, solid construction with 12 kW liquid cooled motor
  • Drawing = programming, easy to use software
  • Possibility of 5 axes processing with "F4 Solid" powered by AlphaCam
  • The drilling head covers the whole working field
  • Workpiece thickness up to 325 mm
profit H08 21.31
  • Automation with unloading unit
  • Smart zoning - flexibly assignable vacuum fields
  • Aggregate holder with fixed position
  • Small footprint - minimal space requirement!
  • Drawing = programming, easy to use software
  • Woodflash software
  • Gantry design, synchronised drive, solid construction for maximum performance
  • Automatic tool length measuring system
  • Perfect nesting with the matrix table made from phenolic resin
creator 950
  •  Complete processing for interior design in only 5 m²
  •  Simple programming - quick simulation - efficient production
  • All inclusive: 4 sided formatting as standard
  •  Traditional processing from above – simple loading
  •  Get started straight away: maximum productivity without set-up times